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Sports Enhancement Program

Integrative Manual Medicine


Located in Marin County near San Francisco, we offer a blend of therapies, combining the best of traditional medicine with the latest and most effective alternative therapies. This approach is designed to treat the whole person with lasting pain relief.



Before Seeing Sharon I was very frustrated with my declining tennis game. I was plagued with back and knee injuries, most recently to include 2 knee replacements. I had some nerve complications following the last surgery and Sharon was there to assist me through this long process. Most recently, I found I could not compete well through 3 sets of tennis and my movement was really hampered. The deep Myofascial Release work and home program have made such a difference. Now I can get to balls efficiently, am stronger faster and best of all painfree.


After 25 years of Weekend Warrior tennis, by body rejected the normal fixes. Even with cardio, gym training and an old stretching routine, I lost both mobility and flexibility. My tennis buddies would ask me” why was I walking funny?”” What is wrong with you?” A very athletic friend suggested I contact Sharon. After a few sessions, I started to see results. Her very personalized Sports Enhancement program brought me to the 21 century in terms regaining flexibilty the right way and has given me confidence that the future will include sports and an active aging experience!. Honestly don't wait until you are an invalid.


The side effects of medication left me with severe leg pain and limited mobility. Sharon treated me with the Bowen Technique, which gave me immediate relief. My situation had been declining as my doctor suggested I wait it out. Instead, I regained much of my mobility, literally overnight which gave me the boost I needed to return to work and exercising. The dramatic impact of Bowen at a critical time cannot be overstated.


I went to see Sharon after having been rear ended twice in just two months. I had a great deal of neck and back pain. Sharon worked with me to identify a treatment program that was very specific to my needs. Her methods of Myofascial Unwinding helped release the accident trauma. Mechanical Link, Bowen and Fascial Release all contributed to my dramatic recovery. Sharon's knowledge of the appropriate treatment for each step of my healing, together with her personal style of kindness and nurturing, have made my association with her a true pleasure.


Sharon works miracles and has fingers of gold. I met her wracked with pain and walked out erect and free of pain. She is knowledgeable and compassionate.


Sharon Skylor, P.T, is an excellent clinician, and effectively applies the wide range of therapeutic techniques that she's mastered. If you've been injured, or have unresolved pain, physical discomfort, neuropathy, or thoracic outlet syndrome, I strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with her. Sharon has done an amazing job helping me maintain mobility and manage pain and neuropathy. I first went to her after being rear-ended at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza about 10 years ago. She recognized that there was "something else going on" -- undiagnosed cancer had paralyzed my phrenic nerve, causing chest discomfort and difficulty breathing. While I underwent and recovered from cancer treatment (chemo, surgery, and radiation), Sharon was a key member of my team. I continue to see her periodically to keep post-treatment symptoms at bay.

What We Offer

Myofasical Release

Injured/traumatized connective tissue can exert tremendous force on the body, creating pain and mis-alignments. Myofascial Release relieves these pain producing tensions
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Bowen Therapy

Bowen technique is a very gentle yet powerful system of soft tissue therapy and can relieve a wide variety of problems including Sciatica, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel to name a few
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Overuse/Sports Injuries

Tennis Elbow, Swimmers Shoulder, Jumpers Knee and Achilles Tendinitis all have something in common and need a very specific treatment program for full resolution
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My step by step video program will demonstrate an evidence based medicine approach that the professionals use to heal you tendon
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