Sharon Skylor B.Sc., RPT , has over 20 years of training and expertise in the area of Integrative Manual Medicine. She received her undergraduate training at UC Santa Barbara and graduate education at Mt. St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles graduating in 1986. Sharon is an avid tennis player and sports enthusiast and knows first hand about overuse injuries. She also understands the desire to get back quickly to the activity you love and creates a personalized treatment program to achieve these goals quickly.
Sharon Skylor

Although traditionally educated, she has extensive training in numerous complementary therapies These are all designed to treat the whole patient., with permanent and lasting results.

Her philosophy involves getting to the source of dysfunction, not just addressing the symptoms. The therapies offered include Myofascial Release (MFR), Somato-Emotional Release (SER), Bowen Therapy (BT), Osteopathic Muscle Energy and Strain/Counterstrain, Neil-Asher (Frozen Shoulder) Technique (NAT), Instument Assisted soft tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Kineso Sports Taping, Neuro Muscular and Movement Re-Education and Functional Exercise Training (FET).

Her specialty is chronic pain relief working with post-traumatic cases (auto accidents, falls, emotional trauma) along with the aging athlete and repetitive work related trauma.

She has worked in numerous clinics in and around the Bay Area. Currently she has her own private practice in Mill Valley, California.

Why Am I Different?

Traditional Physical Therapy vs. Integrative Manual Medicine

Basket Diagnosis vs. Comprehensive Evaluation and Correct Problem Identification

Temporary Pain Relief vs. Lasting Results

Exercise and Pain Modalities vs. Hands on Manual Therapy

30 minutes w/ Therapist vs. 55 min One on One with the Same Therapist

Treating one body part vs. Treating the whole person body mind and emotions.