Accident and Past Trauma

The body does not forget past traumas, in fact, trauma is stored in connective tissue and is the #1 reason behind chronic pain issues.

Auto Accidents/ Impact injuries/Post-Traumatic Stress

While getting spinal adjustments will help to bring the body back in alignment, impact injuries, falls and auto accident types of trauma will remain in the body without very specific soft tissue treatment. The body holds the traumatic event in the soft tissues of the body, so while after 6-8 weeks any sprains and strains will heal, the fascia is left to tighted and layer for years after an accident. It can take 2-10 years before you feel the negative effects of an accident and in ways you never expected.

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting the Myofascial Unwinding Release technique performed as soon as possible after an accident, before the energy cyst finds a permanent home in the body. Of course, a very skilled practitioner can release this trauma years later, but getting it taken care of quickly will save you from countless confusing pain issues down the road. It goes without saying that your auto medical payment policy will also expire after 1-2 years, so getting paid for from the responsible party early is very important.