Back and Neck Pain

Disc Herniations, Sciatica, Neuritis, Fascial Restrictions, and Postural Imbalances are all possible causes, but identifying the true source has everything to do with treatment choice and ultimate success.

Back and Neck Pain Conditions

The most important aspect of treating back and neck pain is to determine the true source of your dysfunction. A comprehensive evaluation is an essential element in determining why you have pain and is provided on your very first visit. You see spinal mal-alignment or restrictions have different pain sources than that found with a nerve impingement like sciatica or soft tissue restriction. The best, most valuable treatment approach then, will be based on my findings . I have treated hundreds of back and neck pain cases and getting to the source of dysfunction is always the key to a successful and timely recovery. Once we have successfully treated your pain you will have the option of continuing with a home program or getting once a month follow-up session to keep the pain at bay.