Integrative Manual Medicine

Intergrative Manual Medicine

This is a broad term to describe a unique therapeutic style of “hands on therapy”. The therapies include Myofascial and Somato-Emotional Release, Bowen Therapy, Cranio-Sacral, Osteopathic Muscle Energy, Strain/Counter-Strain, Neuromuscular Re-Education and Functional Exercise Training.

This differs from traditional Physical Therapy in a number of ways. Instead of treating pain symptoms with heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation or other modalities, Integrative Manual Medicine goes to the source of the dysfunction.

Although modality based therapies are effective with acute type injuries, chronic pain cannot be fully healed with this traditional type of therapy. IMM requires greater expertise and time which is why each therapy session is a full hour in duration and is only performed by the therapist.

After the initial evaluation, the therapist will determine which therapy or combination of therapies she feels will most fully and quickly resolve the problem.