Overuse Sports Injuries

There are basically two types of injuries: acute injuries and chronic/overuse injuries. Acute injuries are the result of a single, traumatic event and usually heal within 4-6 weeks, less time with targeted therapy intervention. Overuse injuries on the other hand often do not heal with simple avoidance attempts. Read below why and how we now treat them.


What do I have? Tendonitis or Tendonosis?

Tendonitis was the medical diagnostic term used to describe all tendon issue up until 10-15 years ago. Medical Professionals could not explain why cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory medications and ice were not making a change in pain.

Researchers suspected that perhaps something else besides inflammation was causing pain and they were right. What researchers found was astounding. Microscopic evaluation of the tendons 15 years ago revealed no “itis” or inflammation was actually present in the tendon. What researchers did find is that the unhealthy tendon was made up of entirely different collagen fibers than that found in the healthy tendon. As a result, the degraded tendon was renamed Tendonosis.

My health tendon treatment program takes this important research, together with evidence based medicine to a whole new level. I use a combination of instrument assisted soft tissue release work (IASTM) to release the painful scaring and then remodel the diseased tendon back to health with very specific exercises. Using the most effective and up to date treatment makes all the difference between a nagging overused injury like tendonosis and one that will heal and be pain free i the future.

Check out my DIY video explaining my step by step program for tennis elbow that you could do in the comfort of your home.

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