Client Information

New for this Year!!!! Direct Access is Finally Here

It is official, direct access has been approved by the legislature. Basically this means you no longer need a physician’s prescription to see a Physical therapist. This translates into more freedom to access the care you need and deserve so why wait, call today to speak with Sharon for a consultation and to setup an appointment (415) 646-0955

For New Patients

Please come to your first visit with printed out patient forms you can download below. There are a total of 5 pages. The Patient Intake, Financial Policy and the Initial Client Info/Medical History (3 pages) Please be sure you have all 5 pages completed and bring to your first appointment.


Please avoid wearing jeans to your appointments. Wearing loose fitting clothing, shorts for lower extremity injuries and tank tops for upper extremity injuries allows the therapist the best chance to see movement patterns during the evaluation. You can change into appropriate clothing of course, in my office. Allow 15 minutes, for walking after a Bowen session, coffee or alcohol consumption is not advised prior to or after treatment.

Insurance Basics

Before your first visit please contact your insurance carrier to determine your deductible and co-pay amounts for Physical Therapy. Ask us about our in network participation with your insurance company there are certain PPO networks which we will bill as a courtesy for you. For patients without insurance or with insurance we are not contracted with, we offer self-pay rates and discount packages. We need to know in advance if you will be submitting insurance forms to your carrier as these will be provided during each visit upon request.

Access to the Evaluation forms, Click Here