We offer a blend of therapies, combining the best of traditional medicine with the latest and most effective alternative therapies. This approach is designed to treat the whole person with lasting pain relief.

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Treatments that I offer:

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What my clients are saying..

  • The side effects of medication left me with severe leg pain and limited mobility. Sharon treated me with the Bowen Technique, which gave me immediate relief. My situation had been declining as my doctor suggested I wait it out. Instead, I regained much of my mobility, literally overnight which gave me the boost I needed to return to work and exercising. The dramatic impact of Bowen at a critical time cannot be overstated.

    — Paul Weiss, Business Owner

  • I went to see Sharon after having been rear ended twice in just two months. I had a great deal of neck and back pain. Sharon worked with me to identify a treatment program that was very specific to my needs. Her methods of Myofascial Unwinding helped release the accident trauma. Mechanical Link, Bowen and Fascial Release all contributed to my dramatic recovery. Sharon’s knowledge of the appropriate treatment for each step of my healing, together with her personal style of kindness and nurturing, have made my association with her a true pleasure.

    — Linnea Elsesser, Stay at home Mother

  • I have been making my living as a Motion Picture & Television Soundman for more than 20 years. The job is very physical, lifting cases, moving carts, swinging a microphone on a long pole. This year all that stopped abruptly when a pinched nerve in my neck made my right arm almost useless. Drugs didn’t kill the pain. I spent my nights sleeping sitting up with a pillow wedged under each arm and another around my neck. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well. My luck changed when I first visited Sharon Skylor. I think anyone who can help people with chronic pain find relief without the use of drugs, is not only brave, but worth a visit. Her easy informal style makes visits relaxing. I noticed improvement with the first visit. In a short time I was sleeping complete nights in bed and finally getting rest. Among Sharon’s techniques is the startling effective and gentle method known as Bowen. This amazing process continues to work after you leave the office and for days after-without any drugs. After only a few months, I’m back at work. I thank Sharon for this amazingly fast turnaround.

    — Fred Runner, Motion Picture Sound Mixer