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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be a very debilitating issue, with pain affecting sleep and of course the inability to move the arm in most planes of motion. I have had very good results using Bowen to relieve the initial pain symptoms especially when treating early on and can often arrest the development within the first 6 weeks.

I am also certified in the Neil Asher Frozen Shoulder technique (NAT) out of the UK and once we have reduced the pain symptoms, this technique can restore the lost motion. It is important to determine the stage you are in and again the earlier we can treat, the sooner we can get you on the road to recovery.

Post Mastectomy/ Breast Reconstruction

I often see women months after breast reconstruction surgery with range of motion and pain that have continued without resolution. While perhaps 50% of women have not residual Issues, some women fail to scar properly and develop scar adherence, even with proper exercise therapy post surgery.

I recommend all women get at least 2-3 visits of PT to learn and perform the appropriate exercises. At 6 weeks, it is most important to have a complete evaluation to determine whether scars are adhering to substructure tissue that can cause nerve pain and range of motion restrictions.

Many times the surgeons forget or fail to recommend Physical Therapy. You can be proactive and call for an evaluation if you want to avoid a painful and prolonged recovery.

Sexual Abuse/Trauma/ Pelvic Pain

An astonishing statistic is that 1 in every 6 women has been the victim of sexual abuse. One of the most amazing discoveries I made 25 years ago, when I first learned MFR, was that trauma is stored and becomes imbedded within the fascial tissue of the body. This is especially true for trauma from physical and emotional elements as is found with sexual abuse. Unfortunately, what I also discovered is that if this trauma is not properly released, it almost always resurfaces years later as chronic pain. Some women have no conscience memory that anything happened to them, this is especially true when the abuse happens before the age of 3. Others spend thousands of hours with psychotherapy to help heal these hidden wounds. While the emotional scars may begin to heal, the body trauma lives on.

Myofascial and Somato-Emotional Release therapies are able to release these traumas permanently from the physical and emotional body, I call it the 4 R’s: Remembering childhood, Re-feeling and Re-leasing Physical Trauma, Re-covering your innocence and Re-Associating your dissociated selves. For women, sessions are transformative in ways they never dreamed possible